Thread created by Brian Cunningham Monday 8th of January 2018 19:55:08
I wanted to share an idea with anyone at myfarewellnote. Someone recommended this app to me as my father has Alzheimers and me and my brothers desperately wanted him to create some messages on those days when he has his 'better' days. We eventually convinced him to do it and we are so pleased he has. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about this app. I think for anyone with the early signs of Alzheimers its a great idea
Chris HMonday 8th of January 2018 21:11:28
Thank you for posting this Brian Cunningham and without being biased, I think our app is perfect for this kind of thing. I have an Uncle who has early signs of dementia and who lives a long way from my Mum(they haven't seen each other in years). But I know that my cousins have arranged for him to record some videos that will be received by my Mum when he passes away.
Donna (Glasgow)Saturday 20th of January 2018 12:27:48
My mum is in the same situation Brian and it took a lot of persuasion to get her to do it but she has. I am so pleased.; Think this is a great idea for anyone in the same situation. Great idea and thanks for providing this service
Gordon CooperSaturday 10th of February 2018 09:59:08
I know you have touched on it elsewhere on the forum but this is the case for anyone who has a life changing disease. It is heartbreaking to see the change in people whether it be that they have cancer or dementia and love the fact they they are able to record themselves so therefore are able to be remembered as the person that they really are.
May sound a little morbid but it is almost like saying a final goodbye before the disease starts to take effect and they change as a person whether it be mentally or physically.
I for one completely see the benefits in this and am considering signing up. If I was to be diagnosed with something such as dementia or Alzheimer's then I know for a fact that I would definitely be doing this for my family
Rod BurrowsMonday 19th of February 2018 15:25:00
Its similar to the argument about people having choices as to whether they wish to suffer in life through illness or to have the right to end it when they like.
Personally if I ever got diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimers then I would want my sons and grandchildren to have something to remember me by as I was and not before anything changes in me whether it be mental or physical changes. This should be something that people are made more aware of especially anyone diagnosed with something life changing as I had never heard of your service until a friend told me about it
Caroline FieldingFriday 2nd of March 2018 21:55:53
I am a Care Worker in a home for persons suffering with dementia and alzheimers and have worked with these clients for 5 years now. The most heart breaking thing for me is when I speak to family members of my clients and they talk about how their family member use to be, whether it be about their personality or physical differences since the dementia/alzheimers has gotten worse. They openly admit that it feels like they are a completely different person and how hard it can be for them to accept how different they now are. They have showed me old video camera footage and photos of my clients and I know how precious these videos and the memories of their family member is to them. So yes I can strongly see how beneficial this myfarewellnote service would be for people being diagnosed with and facing these terrible illnesses.
DulliesbizSaturday 2nd of May 2020 06:26:05

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