Thread created by Chris H Sunday 14th of January 2018 19:01:43
Came across this very informative article in the Guardian -
It such a shame that talking about 'grief' and 'death' is still such a taboo subject for some people even though at some point in our lives, it is something that we will have to go through. Just a thought but I honestly think the more open people are about these subjects, the easier it will be for people when they then have to experience it themselves. Just amazes me how something which is so inevitable, it still a frowned upon subject for many people
Tom (London)Saturday 20th of January 2018 11:50:01
That is one very powerful article and a real eye opener. My wife lost both of her parents suddenly and I thought I was helping with how I tried to support her but to be honest, nothing I could do helped. I hadn't experienced the same event in my life thankfully and didn't know what to do to help her. She needed time to come to terms with the loss and I guess you never really come to terms totally with it but as the old saying goes, time is a healer - to a degree. I'm not surprised to hear that there are forums for people in Kiran's shoes and I think that they are a wonderful thing, to enable you to communicate with like minded people. I know that having a myfarewellnote might seem a very simple and small thing in life but I think it's extremely powerful to have that message to treasure and keep. It provides some comfort at least
Kim CrooksMonday 22nd of January 2018 20:41:26
Interesting article. Its a powerful emotion, grief. This is a great site, i'm signing up, didn't know this type of thing was out there. I love these forums were people can have their say. Thank you
Dave and LisaSunday 4th of February 2018 14:50:08
Brilliant idea. We've both left notes for each other. This is a brand new idea, that actually works. Best app 2018 by far. Had a problem getting signed up as the security is very high, but then it was Lisa who made the mistake, not the app. Very easy to sign up, best of luck for future to the team at myfarewellnote service. D & L Swansea Wales.


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