Thread created by Chris H Sunday 13th of May 2018 08:10:24
Here at myfarewellnote, we are incredibly proud to announce that we have teamed up with to help raise awareness and generate some much needed funding for this fantastic charity.
Balls to Cancer aims to fight cancer with fun, raising funds for male cancer awareness and education. They spend time and money on a nationwide (and in some cases worldwide) awareness campaign through the media, social networks, leaflets and posters, to try to make both men and women more aware of the dangers of cancer and to help men help themselves. Their fundraising events range from Races to football matches, climbing mountains to bungee jumping and the tie up with myfarewellnote is a first of its kind. Balls to Cancer aim to raise as much money as they can doing fun, exciting things which all the family can get involved with and it is the family focus that ties in so closely with myfarewellnote. Losing someone close to you can be a very traumatic and upsetting experience – and when it is a family member who sadly passes away, this impacts the entire family. The creation of a myfarewellnote can’t bring that loved one back but it can offer comfort at a time when those left behind need it the most.

Here's how you can help Balls to Cancer – whenever you or one of your friends, family or loved ones sets up a myfarewellnote, just enter the promo code BTC and 50% of every sale will go towards the charity. There is no limit to the amount of funds that can be raised so the more you spread the word, the more you help the charity to continue the amazing work that they do.

Whether that’s helping to fund SuperHeroChemo Boxes for children fighting cancer with chemotherapy, or raising money to purchase a luxury holiday home at Haven, Burnham on Sea holiday park for the use of cancer sufferers and their families or simply providing money to the many research projects and hospitals that Balls to Cancer support, you can be assured that all of the funds raised or donated goes straight into the charity to support its aims.

Please contact or send us a DM on twitter/instagram if you would like your charity organisation to receive it's very own promo code for myfarewellnote
Dave NewburryMonday 15th of October 2018 15:47:11
What a great idea for a charity. I'm ex Royal Marines and have a friend suffering right now, congratulations Ball to Cancer. 'Bollox to Cancer' would have been a great name, not as subtle lol. Keep up the good work guys, Dave & Fiona.
Mark SmythTuesday 16th of October 2018 09:27:09
Thank you for bringing this subject up. It can hit anyone at any time, help is available, but mentally there is nothing anyone can do but yourself. Its great to talk to someone like Balls to Cancer, people going through the same thing. Well done everyone there.
Andrian McWednesday 17th of October 2018 18:01:13
This is a great idea, unlike the crap on the web of late. Balls to cancer, lol, what a name, its nothing short of brilliant. Perfect idea and name for such a great cause. Thanks.
Dave ex RM.Sunday 27th of January 2019 13:56:38
Have you guys ever thought to contact HMF with myfarewellnote?. Think you would be surprised how many would be interested.


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