Thread created by Patricia B Tuesday 9th of January 2018 11:24:07
Firstly what a fantastic thing you have created and even more so, the fact that you are offering part of it for free and the rest at a very reasonable price.
I think this would be great for people who know that they haven't got long with us in this world and have been diagnosed with something that is going to end their life without them having any choice. This could be something that is offered to them as part of their care support? I work with people who are 'end of life' and can only imagine how wonderful it would be for their families to have something like this from them before it is too late
Chris HTuesday 9th of January 2018 21:18:30
An extremely valid idea and one that I personally really support. I have worked and cared for people who have gone through 'end of life' and it is tragic to see the rapid deterioration that they go through. They go from being one person to being somebody completely different and it is tragic. Being able to provide myfarewellnote to them so that they can record themselves as they want to be remembered would be ideal


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