Thread created by Lucy S Tuesday 13th of February 2018 10:01:00
Just wanna say that I love the idea of what you are doing and love your promo vid on your website even more!!!
Bet your video will appeal to lots of fans of Game Of Thrones like me and I will tell my mates to check it out. Anyone else love it?
Lucy xxx
Simon MurphyTuesday 13th of February 2018 11:23:24
Love this video, great idea, and I'm a big fan. I've signed up ( not because of the video) because it is such a good idea to leave notes for people, I'm surprised no-one had thought about it before. Cool.
Delia Summers AKA Deli-sum1Tuesday 13th of February 2018 11:45:40
i spoke with Chris from the team today via who gave me instruction on how to sign up. Very straight forward, love it, thanks Chris:-)
RajeshWednesday 14th of February 2018 07:05:47
Big GOT fan and thought the video was very clever. Just looked at your website as a result and think this is an amazing idea. I can see so many reasons why people should do this. I'm certainly going to set my notes up. Fantastic idae
Jon Snow FanMonday 19th of February 2018 14:31:57
Fair play to whoever came up with the idea of doing this video, very impressive and very clever!
DaveDaveMonday 19th of February 2018 16:18:30
Ha ha this is a genius way of getting people to see what you are all about and gotta say I love the video and love what you offer too. Gonna give this some serious thought now, cheers
BorisMonday 26th of February 2018 10:19:03
Love it guys. Great way of putting out there what you offer but in a non morbid way and love the accent for the voiceover
Kevin MMonday 26th of February 2018 19:46:30
Really great video and what a great idea for an app. If you do more vids like this, please do a Walking Dead one if you can
Alan DewWednesday 28th of February 2018 11:22:57
I'll second that, great app, brilliant idea. Love the video, very professional.
GaryWMonday 2nd of April 2018 19:23:29
It's a very cool video and a cool idea to do a parody of something as big as Game Of Thrones. You should try a Peaky Blinders one next time
Anna Friel FanThursday 12th of April 2018 21:13:31
My vote goes for a new video based on Marcella!
Yes im a big fan of the show but reckon the story line from the ending of series 2 would be perfect for you. DS Marcella Backland reported as having died but still infact alive amd going to get a new identity. Perhaps she created a myfarewellnote for her family and friends with some interesting revelations???


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