Thread created by Gary Friday 2nd of March 2018 19:34:38
Hiya! Been reading through your forum and surprised nobody has mentioned the advantages of your app for people suffering with dyslexia and anxiety. For instance a good friend of mine 'JJ' who I have known since childhood is dyslexic and suffers with anxiety because of this.
He even struggles to get his true points across to me despite having known each for years, so he chooses to record video messages and send them to me if there is something he is struggling to tell me face to face as he finds it more relaxing and easier for himself to be on his own recording the video message. I reply by video message too to make it easier for him. Just thinking there maybe others out there who go through a similar thing and could create a video with yourselves to finally say what they really want to say and leave these messages for their friends and family.
Again with dyslexia, reading and writing can be very difficult so by you having this video message option, it is the perfect solution and gives them the opportunity to still do this, rather than having to create a written message which they would struggle with and most importantly would need help with, therefore not having the privacy that others would have.
Lastly I think myfarewellnote is a superb idea and something I am intending to do for my family. Just one idea for you, for people suffering with dyslexia, maybe you could have a video message on this website describing what you do?
Cheers Gary
Mike at myafrewellnoteFriday 2nd of March 2018 19:43:47
Hi Gary - thank you so much for your post. That’s a fantastic message to share and you are right, we perhaps haven’t mentioned the benefits enough in this respect. Interestingly and I can’t say too much at this stage but we are trying to arrange a partnership with a charity linked very closely to you in addition to something else that’s going to be an exciting future announcement so please watch this space and I’m sure if the partnership comes off, you won’t be disappointed. All the best and please keep spreading the word.
Chris HSaturday 3rd of March 2018 09:08:15
Thanks for posting Gary and this is a very valid point that you have made. Overall, I think people will find it easier to express themselves through a video a message rather than face to face and there is the added gift that they are then able to keep this message and receive it at a time when they most certainly will be wanting it.
With regards an instruction video, we are in the process of doing this but if your friend or anyone else has difficulty understanding how our service works, then I am sure that one of our team can arrange to call you and talk you through the process.
RamonaSaturday 3rd of March 2018 15:37:15
Some of your competitors do not offer the option of a video or audio and I have to say as a sufferer of dyslexia, my sister found your options very comforting to her. It's the only way she will leave messages and I am so pleased she as I think this is a great idea
Chris HSunday 18th of March 2018 11:27:07
We currently have a wonderful opportunity for any Dyslexia charities out there. We have linked up with a music artist to produce a song that has been inspired by our service and what it means to people to receive a myfarewellnote from a loved one who has passed away. This music artist is dyslexic and we would love to help raise funds and awareness for a dyslexia charity through the use of this song. We will be sharing and promoting this song along with the video on all our social media accounts as well as on his own. If you are involved in a charity that supports dyslexia then please do get in touch with us and we will tell you more about this very exciting opportunity.
Robb Mc KlintochThursday 3rd of May 2018 11:49:26
I have a son who struggles with being in social circles, and generally communicating. He's 18 years of age and has signed up to myfarewellnote, using it as a platform. Not sure what he has said in his personal notes, but what a great idea. Surprised its took this long for an App like yours to be out there. Brings families together, helps with personal and private thoughts, very impressive, thanks to the team. Robb, Glasgow.


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