Thread created by Cameron Stead Saturday 20th of January 2018 13:13:23
I work as a firefighter in Cambridge and one of my colleagues mentioned this app to me. I have to say that given the nature of my job, this is a must for me and my colleagues. Have you taken this to the Fire Brigade to share? I think you should
Mike at the myfarewellnote TeamSaturday 20th of January 2018 13:18:03
Hi Cameron - thanks for your comments. I couldn't agree more with you. It might sound an easy thing to do but in reality, it's finding the right people to talk to about promoting this, that's the hard part so any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. I think the service you and all fire fighters perform is brilliant and I have the utmost respect for you all. Thanks. Mike at The myfarewellnote Team
P.BrennanSunday 21st of January 2018 15:51:20
I saw your tweet earlier which lead me to this post. I am actually in the R.N.L.I which as you will be well aware is a dangerous activity and the biggest thing for me is having to go off to a shout knowing that I have not said goodbye to my family. I have actually made written letters for my Wife and 3 children but I prefer the idea of yours where my information will be kept private and confidential and I know that my Wife will definitely receive them. I think all emergency services employees/volunteers should be made aware of this great service
Mike at the myfarewellnote TeamSunday 21st of January 2018 16:32:41
P.Brennan and Cameron - If there's any chance you can let us know who within a senior capacity could make a decision on this, I will gladly write to them and also I'll guarantee that myfarewellnote will make a special offer for both the Fire Brigade and the RNLI. They are both so deserving of our support
Chris HThursday 25th of January 2018 19:35:57
Come on people, there must be someone out there who can advise us on this matter? We need somebody who is 'in the know' so to speak!
S.TomkinsSunday 4th of February 2018 11:10:16
Don't think there is any Fire Fighter out there who's heart doesn't pound as soon we go out on a shout and I know that personally I immediately think of my Wife and 4 children. I also know that when I leave them to go to work, I can see in their eyes a look of fear when I have to say good bye to them all. This is part and parcel of the job that I chose to do and something that we have all come to accept. It is a dangerous job, but it is a rewarding job too and something I take great satisfaction and pride in doing.
However there is this personal side to the job that I am sure many people do not take into consideration and what you provide really has made me think about my family and creating something for them to have should the worst case scenario happen. I also want my children to understand why I do the job that I do and would not want them to think I have been selfish, putting my life at risk for others so this is a message that I can also provide for them to receive should anything happen to me
Shelley Saturday 10th of February 2018 15:50:21
I've been in the fire brigade for 5 years and have to admit that I have written letters for my husband and two children. I can't understand anyone who wouldn't in a risky job like ours. When I came across this app, it put to bed concerns that I had that my hand written letters might not be found or might be opened by mistake so I've transferred them into this app and my mind is now totally at ease. It's a brilliant idea. Some of my colleagues laugh that I've done these notes. I appreciate it's not for everyone but if you've got that special someone or special people that mean the world to you, i couldn't imagine not doing it. Great idea, very simple to do and can't believe the price. Just wow!
P.BrennanMonday 19th of February 2018 16:06:21
Hello again myfarewellnote. Signed up to you as promised and have recorded a video message for my Wife and my 3 children which was so simple to do but yet so reassuring.Also mentioned it to my friends who I am in the R.N.L.I. with so they might sign up too.
Great to read the responses that you have been receiving on here and like I said before, this should be something that all types of emergency services should encourage their members to do
Paul MSaturday 3rd of March 2018 08:04:06
I'm a retained fire fighter and think a lot of what other people have said on here already makes so much sense. Its human nature that when anyone is facing fear or possible death, that they think of their family and it is no different for any of us as fire fighters to feel that way as we engage in fearful activities on a regular basis and you never know what is round the corner.
Look at the Twin Towers tragedy and all the people that were trapped inside the building fearing the worst. The last thing some of them did was to ring home and tell their partners how much they loved them and this can be said for any similar situation as to this.
Just think that what you're offering at the very least should make people think and consider the being prepares and look at the options out there for leaving messages in this way.
Robbie JFriday 13th of April 2018 15:43:45
I am a serving Fire Fighter and if I am completely honest and open, I shall admit that whenever I drive off to start my shift the first thing I do on arrival is to ring my Wife and 3 year old daughter to tell them that I love them. Sometimes I have to leave a message if they are unable to talk but I still record a message for them and my Wife insists that I do this in case some thing awful was to happen(could say it's morbid but it's true) . What I have now since done, is to set up an account with yourselves at Myfarewellnote and have recorded several video messages for my Wife and young daughter including a new message whenever I go off on shift(which I delete and re do each time). May sound crazy to some people but just think all the times, you wish you could hear from a special someone who has since passed away. My Wife is now expecting twins(4 months pregnant) so doing these video messages has become even more important to me now.


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