Thread created by Pat Henry Sunday 14th of January 2018 15:38:25
Hi - if this isn't a silly question, how does this work? I want to know before I consider signing up. Thanks Pat
Mike at the myfarewellnote TeamSunday 14th of January 2018 15:54:07
Hi Pat - this isn't a silly question. I think that a few people want to know more about this so I'm glad you've asked the question. I'll try and answer as simply as I can but if you need further guidance just let me know. Through our app, you set up a note for someone. To bring this to life, let's say you set the note up for someone called Bob. As soon as you set up the note and save it, Bob will receive an automatic email from us notifying him that you have set up a myfarewellnote for him and the email will provide instructions on what he should do in the event that you pass away. Bob will be reminded about the note every year so it's not a case of receiving an email once and forever having to hold onto those instructions. The email will explain to Bob how to log onto the app and trigger the release of the message, in the event that you have passed away. Bob will need to wait 21 days and then he will be able to view your whole message, whether it be just a typed message, audio, photos, video or a combination of all 4. The reason we have a 21 day time lag is just in case someone tries to maliciously release a note, before someone has actually passed away. At the precise moment that Bob triggers the release of your message, you will be sent an email informing you that Bob has done this. Obviously, if you have passed away, you won't be able to block the release of the note but if you are still alive, you will be able to block the release of your message very simply through the click of a single link. I hope this helps to explain but do let me know if I can help any further. Thanks, Mike at the myfarewellnote Team


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