Thread created by Chris H Monday 21st of May 2018 19:04:00
Would you like to get involved with our promo code offer and link up with myfarewellnote?
Here are all the details that will explain exactly how it works -

As you’ll see from our website, we have 3 offers available for customers to purchase:
Light – which we currently have on offer as a free service (please note that this is a promotional offer and we may ask new users of the ‘Light’ service to pay a fee in the future
Plus – which is currently on offer at £2.84
Premium – which is currently on offer at £4.99
For the purposes of bringing this idea to life for you, assume that we set up promo code under your charity name - ???
Every time either a new customer purchases myfarewellnote and adds the promo code ???, we will pay your charity 50% of the sales value
When new customers sign up, they will be setting up notes potentially for multiple other people. If those ‘recipients’ subsequently set up notes for other people and again utilise your promo code, all of those additional sales will also come to the you
By way of a simple example to help bring this to life, let’s assume that 2,000 customers sign up using your promo code and let’s assume that 40% adopt the ‘Light’ service, 30% the Plus service and 30% the Premium service. We agree to pay you 50% of all income generated from these sales so this would calculate out as follows:
Light - £0.00 as this is a free service
Plus - £852
Premium - £1497
Generating your charity a total of £2,349 throughout the year
Obviously if the sales were higher, you would generate more income and if we made the ‘Light’ option a service that people would have to pay for as well, then that would additionally increase the amount payable to you
There’s no telling how many sales might be generated for you so there’s no upper limit where we’d stop paying money to you. Some of the charities we work with have celebrity followers who then help to get involved in pushing these promo codes. This can be a great way to boost the income you generate. Literally, the sky is the limit.
We will also promote your promo code and raise awareness for your charity on our twitter, facebook and instagram accounts as well as on our website.

Terms and conditions
We will pay the funds due from the promo code sales, on a regular basis, either quarterly / half yearly / annually depending on the volume of sales generated. We would pay this from the date of the first sign up using your promo code
This will either be paid as a bank transfer or as a cheque depending on the your requirements
Although there is an annual renewal fee of £2.00 per year per customer, this does not form part of the offer being made to you. The renewal fee is required to help fund the costs of hosting all of our customers notes, photos, audio messages and videos
We suggest that we review the arrangement at the end of each calendar year for a number of reasons:
In case either party decides that the relationship isn’t one that they would like to continue with
To review the percentage split of the profit
To review whether you wish to change who the beneficiary of the profit will be
Sales can only be attributed to you where the customer signs up using your unique promo code or we are able to directly trace the sale as coming from your website
Customers will need to use the code exactly as we provide it to you
We may require you to send us an invoice to receive payment. We will notify you if this is the case
The percentage of total sales we will pay to you will be 50%

What do we need you to do?
Very simply, promote the service anywhere and everywhere you can, to maximise the money you could generate
There are no restrictions as to how you wish to promote the service – it really does depend on how you best believe the promotion can be achieved.

If you are interested, then please send us an email or send me a DM via our twitter or instagram accounts @myfarewellnote
Mr B Mainwaring Sunday 23rd of September 2018 14:35:29
Hi Chris, email server error, cannot get back to reply to . Will be up and running again on Tuesday, Thanks, Ben .
Chris HSunday 23rd of September 2018 14:57:59
Thanks Ben and look forward to receiving your email on Tuesday
Kenneth McGoldrickSunday 30th of September 2018 20:03:45
What an honourable thing to offer to charities and just goes to prove that some businesses are not simply thinking about the money that they can make. My Wife works for a particular charity who I am sure would appreciate any help in increasing revenue and awareness for them so I shall be passing on your details to her.
In the meantime I have just registered with yourselves and made some messages for my Son and Daughter which was easy and simple to set up so thank you Myfarewellnote
Lucy GThursday 11th of October 2018 19:30:48
I'm wondering if is connected to any funeral parlours across the country. Everyone does wills and life Insurance, but never a note for a loved one that they can comfort if your gone. Great idea. I see your using these promo codes which no one else is doing. I'll write via the site contact email and ask for a promo code for a charity I have set up in my mothers name, Love the concept and the Game of Thrones video, very clever. Lucy and Chloe xxx
Chris HWednesday 17th of October 2018 22:30:57
Lucy G - Thanks for posting. Currently we are not linked up with any funeral companies but it is certainly a great idea and one that we would certainly be interested in. As for a promo code, by all means send us an email and we can have a promo code set up for your charity within days.


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