Thread created by Andy Price Monday 26th of February 2018 21:23:52
Firstly can I just say a big thanks for all the support that have given to our voluntary organisation so far and as an ex serviceman myself and with a partner and young family, I truly do see the benefit of there being a service like this out there and look forward to working with yourselves in spreading the name of myfarewellnote and raising more awareness of The Veterans Hub.
Because of my own experiences in life, I created The Veterans Hub in October 2017 and maintaining the core values of the British Army it is our aim to make the Hub the key place for veterans and their families to go to in times of crisis, with the intent of starting a peer support program that will encourage veterans to support veterans throughout tough times. In addition to this, the Hub will become a staging post to other services, as well as offering drop in clinics and advice services from the mainstream charities and local government services. Assisting and giving support to others suffering with PTSD,anxiety, depression, mental health and homelessness.
Lastly, The Veterans Hub, above all things, will bring together veterans within the local community in order that none of them are ever left behind or forgotten about.

To learn more about us, please visit or give us a follow on twitter @Theveteranshub
Mike at the myfarewellnote TeamWednesday 28th of February 2018 10:51:56
Hi Andy - I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone at myfarewellnote that we applaud what you've done in setting up the Veterans Hub. We think it is a fantastic idea and as per various twitter discussions you've been having with Chris, we will look to try and support you through our promo code offer as we feel passionately about what you are trying to achieve. As you know, the founder of myfarewellnote, Steve McIlroy, is an ex serviceman and it was his experiences in the army and then later in civilian life, that gave him the inspiration to want to create this app. I personally think that everyone serving in the military should have one of these apps for obvious reasons but also of course all of your ex servicemen and women as well. We truly wish you every success and look forward to partnering with you in the near future
Dave HopewoodWednesday 28th of February 2018 11:42:13
Hi Andy, I too am ex services and can see the benefits of I'll have a look at Veterans hub on twitter and let my mate know about it. Great idea, veterans are pushed to one side when they leave, although they still feel part of that big family, its very sad. I'll do what I can mate, all the best ( stag on ) Dave
Andrea FairbanksWednesday 28th of February 2018 15:53:40
Hi there, wow, love the site, fantastic idea. My dad served for 22 years and came out with some mental scarring from his experiences. Its great now he has shared his inner thoughts with professionals and we have dad back, but really, you wouldn't know all the stories, just snippets here and there. Anyhow, I love the idea of the Veterans hub, are you raising money Andy? There're people doing so many things to raise money now for so many different charities, all hero's in my book. Hope all goes well, Andrea, Charlie and Matty xxx
Scott F (Lincoln)Saturday 17th of March 2018 11:15:37
Andy and all - echo your comments. I left the armed forces about 10 years ago and wish this had been around when I was on active duty. Lost a few great friends in Afghanistan and wish they could have left messages for me and the battalion they left behind. It would mean so much to have a treasured memory from them. But most of all, I so wish that they had left messages for their families. It was so hard coming back and meeting the families and passing on snippets of what happened and what they'd told us that their wives, girlfriends and kids meant to them. If only they could have left that as a private note. Love this idea and i've set mine up today.
G.G.Friday 13th of April 2018 12:04:38
Hi Andy and Myfarewellnote. Just wanted to say what a great idea it is of Myfarewellnote to help with raising awareness for great causes such as yours. Well done to you also Andy for setting up the Veterans Hub and for all the work that you are doing with it which is clearly helping many people that need this sort of group for one reason or another. I am ex forces so this sort of thing is very close to my heart and can see the benefits of both leaving a farewell note for loved ones and the Veterans Hub group
Brian LeamonSunday 29th of April 2018 22:34:09
Was reading an article on the amount of ex serviceman who have committed suicide or have ended up homeless over the past 5 years and it is truly shocking. The Government need to be doing more to support these people, these being the same people who have put their lives at risk to support me, you and everyone else in this country. I take my hat off to you Andy and to similar organisations as yourselves and wish you all the very best in what you are trying to achieve in helping these people who clearly do need the help
Chris HWednesday 9th of May 2018 20:12:02
Some more information for you about The Veterans Hub and also details of their 'Crowdfunding' page which has been set up so that they can go full time with this great cause -

The Veterans Hub has been running since November of 2017 and is already playing an important role in supporting veterans who struggle with mental health and re-adjustment difficulties within the local community. Through our weekly drop-in evening we encourage veterans and their families to work together in a peer support environment. In addition to this we work hard behind the scenes to provide an effective signposting service to other organisations, both local and national, that support the most vulnerable in our society. As well as this we also work as educators in mental health difficulties by conducting talks for local businesses and educational facilities. We are passionate about helping veterans and their families, especially those going through difficult times and genuinely believe that our ethos of veterans supporting veterans works and is critical to our continued success. The next step for the Veterans Hub is to make it a full-time project and for this to happen we need your support - help us to continue and expand this service that has already made such a positive impact upon veterans, and their families, lives. Semper fidelis.
Chris HSaturday 26th of May 2018 22:31:58
Pleased to announce that The Veterans Hub won an award at the Wessex FM Local Hero Awards where Andy Price received the fully deserved Special Recognition Award. Well done Andy and all involved with The Veterans Hub
Chris HFriday 1st of June 2018 23:01:22
Pleased to say that our team at myfarewellnote have made a donation to The Veterans Hub via and will also be issuing them with their very own promo code which will see donations made to them from sign ups to our service where that code has been used.
Full information about the promo code will be announced very shortly
Chris HSaturday 2nd of June 2018 20:17:49
Pleased to announce that you can now create a myfarewellnote for your family and friends and by using promo code 'VHW ', 50% of your sale will be donated straight to The Veterans Hub. This much needed organisation deserves your support and we are proud to be able to link up with them and help raise awareness and funds for this great cause.


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