Thread created by Ben Holland Sunday 21st of January 2018 15:50:35
I noticed someone saying that you should take this to the Fire Brigade to see if they can get everyone to sign up to it. I'm in the Police Force and think this should be offered to us as well. Without getting into an argument with the brigade, I think that our job could be argued to be more dangerous, especially the way things are at the moment.
Mike at the myfarewellnote TeamSunday 21st of January 2018 15:53:03
Hi Ben - thanks for your comments just now. I'd love t take this to every police force in the country because i think it's a must in this day and age. Similar to my previous comment about the Fire Brigade, we need to know who to write to with this. I think that I speak for everyone here at myfarewellnote that we would definitely make both the police and fire brigade a special offer to join. If you can let us know who to write to, let me know and we will. Sincere thanks
P.BrennanSunday 21st of January 2018 15:54:49
I have just written a similar thing in the post about the Fire Brigade. I volunteer for the R.N.L.I. so I understand the risks that all of us face so think this is something that all employees/volunteers of the emergency services should be made aware of
Chris HThursday 25th of January 2018 19:34:23
Couldn't agree more Ben and P.Brennan. Firstly every member of the emergency services does an incredible job for us all and I totally understand where you are coming from and have always felt that our app would benefit any person who is in a risk taking job. Some times without a 'contact' it is hard to push this sort of thing to people at the top of these organisations so any help or advice is very much appreciated
C.ElliottMonday 29th of January 2018 21:01:27
Ben Holland - Think both the Police and the Fire Brigade face equally dangerous scenarios so cannot really say which one is the most dangerous!
I watched the One Show tonight and there was a report on this subject where they were saying how the statistics are rising for 'attacks' on all the Emergency Services including Paramedics which I find totally disgraceful but it just goes to prove how dangerous all these roles are getting.
Liz WSaturday 10th of February 2018 15:41:09
My husband was tragically killed while serving in the force. He attended what was supposed to have been a routine enquiry at a house late one night 2 years ago and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It can happen to any police officer and none more so that in todays terrible world. I wish this service had been available then. It would mean everything to hear a message from him. There isn't a day goes by when I don't think about him and don't miss him. I know it's too late for me but i can't encourage anyone who has a partner in the police force enough, to leave a message just in case. I'd give anything to have had one.
Brian DawsonFriday 2nd of March 2018 21:35:32
For a start, all members of the emergency services whether they are paid or volunteers, police or lifeboat have to face difficult and dangerous situations all the time.
I am a former Police Officer and actually left the force shortly after being involved in the Broadwater Farm riots in 1985. This was the most frightening experience though out my time in the service and lets not forget that during these riots, PC Keith Blakelock was fatally stabbed and died from his injuries whilst doing his job.
My point is that on that night, thoughts went through my head about my Wife and children and never seeing them again and afterwards my Wife explained how much she worried about me whenever I was on duty. This is part of the reason for me leaving the force, so what I am saying to anyone in the emergency services is, do not feel ashamed about thinking about your family, being prepared and creating some sort of message for them because had this been around back in the mid 80's, then I would have done this for my Wife and children.
Hope this helps, take care and all the very best with myfarewellnote . Brian Dawson
George CSaturday 24th of March 2018 10:51:30
Tragic news coming out of France and the death of a another Police officer who has shown completely bravery, as do all Police Officers out there. Arnaud Beltrame risked his own life for the sake of others and thoughts must go out to all his family and friends. RIP and God Bless to you Arnaud
K. KirbyFriday 13th of April 2018 15:30:48
Read the very honest post from Brian Dawson and it made me think of my time in the Met Police which ended when I retired in 1996. Back in the mid 80's I was on duty and involved in some very serious crowd disturbances at a London football match which made the News headlines because several Police Officers were seriously injured including myself. That day when I left the house, I had in fact had a big argument with my Wife and left for work having not given her a hug and not telling her that I loved her.
The first thing I told her when I was able to make a phone call to her, was that I was sorry and that loved her. She almost immediately said the same thing to me. I was grateful that I was able to tell her this, because had my injuries been more serious then I may not have been able to do this.
What your app provides is a sort of guarantee and peace of mind and I would ask any serving Police Officer to think about the worst case scenario and think about what their families would feel like if some terrible was to happen to you and they were left with nothing but a memory of you only


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