Thread created by Chris H Monday 28th of May 2018 15:44:55
It is safe to say that there are many personal reasons and benefits for creating a myfarewellnote for someone special and doing this sort of thing is certainly becoming more and more common, which we can see from the amount of sign ups to our service that we have received.
In the past 8 months we have also seen the positive reactions to the Bailey Sellers and Holly Butcher stories that went viral on social media and the eye opening and inspiring TV series 'My Wonderful Life' which certainly made people see the benefits that receiving a video message from a deceased family member or friend can bring to someone. We also had the story from Radio DJ/TV Presenter Chris Evans, who announced live on air about the passing of his Mum and then how grateful he was to have received a surprise letter from her that she had written and left for him to receive after she had passed away.

For me personally, I have created myfarewellnote video messages for each of my 3 young daughters which I have arranged for my Wife to receive. I want them to have something that they can cherish, listen to and remember me by should the worst case scenario happen and I plan to update these video messages and create new ones so that they can receive all of them when my time is up and receive what is almost a video blog from me as the years have gone on.
I know just how much I would love to have had something like this from my Grandparents who all passed away when I was only young, but I only have photos of them and stories told to me about them.
Just think how much you would love to have something like a myfarewellnote from a relative or friend of yours that has passed away and then you should realise how important something like this from you to your family really is and how much it would mean to them.

Please join in this topic and tell us your personal reasons for creating a myfarewellnote, which will I am sure will help to inspire many others to do the same.
Mr C WalkerMonday 28th of May 2018 17:00:55
My Mum passed away from Cancer in January and I cannot describe how hard it was for me to go through that experience and seeing the changes in her particularly towards the end. Thankfully my sister came across your website back in November and arranged for Mum to create a video message for me. I was notified by email that she had set up this message but to be fair, I didn't take too much notice or really think too much about it at the time.
After she passed away, my Sister explained what I needed to do to receive the message and I did the simple process and was rewarded with this video message from her that she had recorded for me. I can't tell you how much this video message means to me and it truly is something priceless to have.
I contacted yourselves and offered to create a message for you to use and share with others after I saw a request from you asking for anyone wishing to do this. I hope my video makes others think and realise what a precious gift this really is and I wish myfarewellnote all the very best and urge people to really think about doing this for their family
Thank you so much, Mr C.Walker
Gemma KMonday 28th of May 2018 21:06:35
Think we can all associate with wishing that we had a video message or written message from someone close who has sadly passed away, with my Nan being one of the people that I really do miss. Despite death being a certain thing at one time or another, it still seems like a taboo subject with so many people and is probably the reason why people don't think to plan ahead. I will be signing up with you and making a video for my young daughter and my younger sister because I know how much this will mean to them and how much they would love this, just as much as I would love to have had something like this from my Nan.
Gemma K xxx
C.K.Monday 28th of May 2018 21:38:52
For me, doing something like a My Farewell Note is the most natural and obvious thing to do. How many times do you hear that the first thing people do in a life threatening situation is to ring their Wife/Husband/Partner to tell them they love them(The World Trade Centre Tragedy being the perfect example) or seeing a grieving person desperately looking through old photos of the person they have lost or wanting to hear their voice again(ringing their mobile or searching their mobile for videos for example)
Sadly like Gemma K posted, a lot of people try not to think about death but the reality is that it will come to us all at some point and doing something like this should be as natural as writing your own will and preparing your finances.
I have registered with and it is certainly something that I am very pleased that I have done.
Mr Richard HarteFriday 1st of June 2018 09:53:21
I posted in the My Stories section of this forum, a story about how much it meant to me to receive an old video of my Mum that I had forgotten even existed and that my Son had found and presented to me as a birthday present.
This video means the world to me so I know just how much it would mean for my Son and family to have something like this from me and this is my reason for creating a My Farewell Note video for my family.
Mr Richard Harte
Gill PSunday 3rd of June 2018 10:28:01
To some this will seem a bit OTT but to me it's really important. My daughter recently told me that she had been offered an amazing promotion at work. I went from ecstasy to dread in the space of a few seconds when she told me that the job meant moving to Egypt. With all the problems in the world, I appreciate there are worse places she could be working but that part of the world still makes me fearful but I guess nobody is safe anywhere. I had come across your app via facebook and looked at it a few times but not felt compelled enough to set up a note - until now! I told my daughter of my concerns about where she would be working and like any 23 year old, she laughed it off but I asked her to have a look at your app and consider leaving a note. It took some persuading but she finally did it for me, probably just to shut me up. I've also set one up for her. I know it's only a little comfort but the thought of something happening to her while abroad and me never getting to see her again, made me think much deeper about the idea of setting up notes like these. PS - I cant believe how easy it was to set the note up. This is a great idea.
Joe SandersTuesday 5th of June 2018 09:23:14
Some of my friends have told me that they don't want to leave messages because they tell their loved one's every day how much they love them but although I do that, there's so much more I want to say to my wife and children that just doesn't seem right to tell them until I die so to me it is such a natural thing to do. I want them to know my inner most deepest thoughts and memories and give them all something that they can treasure forever after I've gone.
Martin CollyerSunday 12th of August 2018 21:37:21
On July 12th, my younger sister Laura finally lost her battle with cancer and sadly passed away. 4 months previously, I received an email from myfarewellnote notifying me that Laura had set up a message for me. I researched the website and being sceptical I then questioned her about this and asked why on earth she was doing this for me.
5 months later and I now know just why she did this for me having received an extremely personal and loving video message from her that I can quite simply say is a priceless gift. For various reasons, what she said to me in the video really is inspiring and is so important for me to hear and being able to see Laura and hear her voice again whenever I feel the need to is something that I will quite honestly cherish for the rest of my life.
Until you have lost someone special to you, I don't think you can truly understand why a simple video message like this is such a precious gift to have and I urge everyone to consider doing something like this for the special people in their lives. RIP Sis and thank you so much x
Pat MSunday 23rd of September 2018 21:30:41
4 weeks ago my Dad passed away from lung cancer and a week ago I received a video message via my Sister that my Dad had left for me through your service. For the last the 8 years or so of my Dads life, we rarely spoke or saw each following a big disagreement that we had and I hate to admit that I was too stupid and stubborn enough to see him even though I knew that he was not a well man.
My Sister arranged for him to make the message a month before he died because she knew that he did not have long left and also knew that there were things that he wanted me to know.
I truly hate myself for not seeing him and clearing the air before he died because what he said to me in this message was so much of what I always wanted to hear him say and I completely regret not being able to say the things to him which he clearly wanted to hear. I will cherish this video and amongst other things it has certainly taught me a lesson in life. Trust me life is too short, family are important and if things need to be said then say it whilst you can. My Sister said your service was so easy to use and I think everyone, for whatever reason should consider doing this for their family.
Leanne MMonday 22nd of October 2018 19:55:35
First of all can I just say that I have signed up to this and found it extremely easy to do which is always a bonus when something is so hassle free.
My reasons for doing it are quite simple because to me it is a natural thing that I should want to leave for my family and surely it benefits everyone. It is cheap to do, easy to set up and gives me satisfaction in knowing that I have done this for my family. For the people who are receiving my messages after I have died it is something that they will cherish and if they didn't have my messages to keep, I am quite sure they would be wishing they did have something like this from me.
NatashaSunday 8th of September 2019 18:22:11
Think the best reason for doing this through a service such as this is the fact that I can redo and update messages whenever I like and also the piece of mind that I know there is no chance of anyone seeing the messages until the time comes.
Plus it is so cheap too which is always a bonus and means so many other people will be able to do this too


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