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At myfarewellnote, we firmly believe in helping other businesses, organisations and charities to achieve their goals, especially when there is a fantastic cause or reason to do so. We are definitely not focussed on solely maximising our own profitability – if we can share some of our expertise, knowledge or income to worthwhile causes, then we will do. Below you will find a list of organisations who have agreed to partner with myfarewellnote. Sometimes the reason for the partnership is to help generate much needed funding to the organisation but this isn’t always the case. You will also see examples of partnering where organisations see the wellbeing benefits that myfarewellnote can bring to individuals. We are both honoured to be associated with such fantastic organisations and also proud to be helping so many great causes.

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About Our Partners

Anna Kennedy Online

Anna Kennedy Online is a UK Autism Charity , supporting and sharing information to many families and adults affected by Autism. Anna Kennedy OBE became frustrated and disappointed with the lack of facilities and support across the UK, for families affected by Autism and with Local Authorities and Charities being hit with cuts it is an ongoing battle. Families and carers need respite breaks, access to better educational facilities and help with finding employment for their children – it’s difficult enough for all young people looking for work these days so having a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition can make it even harder, and sadly for many they simply give up trying because of a lack of response and understanding from employers.

To find out more about the great work that Anna and her inspirational charity do , please visit https://annakennedyonline.com/about-us/anna-kennedy/. myfarewellnote partnered with Anna Kennedy Online to create a promo code “AKO2018”. Anyone purchasing a myfarewellnote using this code will see 50% of the cost go directly to this fantastic charity.

Balls to Cancer

Myfarewellnote is incredibly proud to have teamed up with http://ballstocancer.co.uk/ to help generate some much needed funding for this fantastic charity.

Balls to Cancer aims to fight cancer with fun, raising funds for male cancer awareness and education. They spend time and money on a nationwide (and in some cases worldwide) awareness campaign through the media, social networks, leaflets and posters, to try to make both men and women more aware of the dangers of cancer and to help men help themselves. Their fundraising events range from races to football matches, climbing mountains to bungee jumping and the tie up with myfarewellnote is a first of its kind. Balls to Cancer aim to raise as much money as they can doing fun and exciting things which all the family can get involved with and it is the family focus that ties in so closely with myfarewellnote. Losing someone close to you can be a very traumatic and upsetting experience – and when it is a family member who sadly passes away, this impacts the entire family. The creation of a myfarewellnote can’t bring that loved one back but it can offer comfort at a time when those left behind need it the most. Please visit http://ballstocancer.co.uk/ to find out more about the great work that this incredible charity is doing.

myfarewellnote partnered with Balls to Cancer to create a promo code “BTC”. Anyone purchasing a myfarewellnote using this code will see 50% of the cost go directly to this fantastic charity.

Veterans Hub Weymouth

Myfarewellnote is delighted to announce a partnership with the Veterans Hub Weymouth to help raise money for this wonderful organisation. The Veterans Hub has been running since November of 2017 and supports veterans of our armed forces, who struggle with mental health and re-adjustment difficulties within the local community. This organisation is very dear to the hearts of those within the team at myfarewellnote, none more so than the founder. The Veterans Hub Weymouth provide a weekly drop-in evening where they encourage veterans and their families to work together in a peer support environment. In addition to this they work hard behind the scenes to provide an effective signposting service to other organisations, both local and national, that support the most vulnerable in our society. The Veterans Hub are passionate about helping veterans and their families, especially those going through difficult times and genuinely believe that their ethos of veterans supporting veterans works and is critical to their continued success. If you want to know more about the work that the Veterans Hub Weymouth do, please visit


myfarewellnote partnered with Veterans Hub Weymouth to create a promo code “VHW”. Anyone purchasing a myfarewellnote using this code will see 50% of the cost go directly to this fantastic organisation.

The Biscuit Fund

The Biscuit Fund is a small charity who operate almost solely online, keeping a watchful eye on help forums and pages for people in dire need of financial assistance. The Biscuit Fund were first established in 2013 and by 2016 had managed to raise and distribute over £50,000 to people in poverty, be it fuel poverty, food poverty or any other kind of poverty. They have set a target to raise and distribute over £250,000. A large number of their recipients are actually working families, who are simply finding that the money they earn just doesn't cover the food/heating bills. The Biscuit Fund have also aided disabled people who have been left with no income and no job prospects, as well as folk who have been victims of crime in the form of muggings or theft. Although The Biscuit Fund hands out cash, it is primarily an exercise in hope. Most of their 50+ agents have experience of poverty themselves and know how demoralising and frankly depressing poverty can be, and how a small helping hand can restore faith in humanity. If you want to know more about the great work that this charity does, please visit http://biscuitfund.org/.

myfarewellnote partnered with The Biscuit Fund to create a promo code “TBF”. Anyone purchasing a myfarewellnote using this code will see 50% of the cost go directly to this fantastic organisation

The Inheritance Guru

myfarewellnote is very pleased to team up with Sally Herdman – “The Inheritance Guru” - helping individuals to plan and protect their wealth and for the generations that follow. Sally is skilled in designing extraordinary Legacies, Will Writing, Trusts, Business Exit Strategies, and Inheritance Tax Mitigation so whether you need a simple Will, advice on protecting your home from care, or have more complex issues, Sally can help you achieve your goals. Sally is an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in many aspects of finance and protecting assets.

Sally spent her early years working for the TSB Bank, and then as a Contracts Manager in the North Sea Oil Industry. She became a Finance Director for a Steel Fabrication company and spent many years as a financial planning consultant, both in personal holistic financial planning and the corporate environment.

Sally is here to help you design a legacy which will protect your wealth for future generations and give you peace of mind, so that you can live your best life.

How does a myfarewellnote promo code work?

As you’ll see from our website, we have 3 offers available for customers to purchase:

1. Light – which we currently have on offer as a free service (please note that this is a promotional offer and we may ask new users of the ‘Light’ service to pay a fee in the future)

2. Plus – which is currently on offer at £2.84

3. Premium – which is currently on offer at £4.99

• Obviously if the sales were higher, you would generate more income and if we made the ‘Light’ option a service that people would have to pay for as well, then that would additionally increase the amount payable to you There’s no telling how many sales might be generated for you. If you are fortunate enough to have a well known celebrity following you, try to get them involved as we’ve seen first hand how getting a celebrity involved, raises the profile and maximises the funds that you generate.

We don’t need you to do anything other than perhaps promote the offer once we launch it. The more people who sign up, the more we generate for you. It would be a good idea to add myfarewellnote and the promo code to your own website and likewise, we will add you to the partners page on our website so that visitors get to read about your organisation and can link through to your site. There’s no upper limit on how much we will pay out and there’s no time limit to when the income generation needs to stop. We will aim to review the offer with you each year to see if there are further things that we can do to help promote your offer but it goes without saying that we will do all we can on social media, to help raise your profile. We have already featured in the press and on the radio and if have the opportunity to do so again, we would definitely do our best to promote all of our partners.

If you need any further clarity or would like to know more, please email us at enquiries@myfarewellnote.com

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