Colonel Bob Stewart

“A farewell note written by soldiers and kept privately on the Internet will appeal to many people as they are in control of it, can alter it whenever they like and very importantly can add or subtract photographs to what they have written. I think it's a very good idea.”

Mike North

“I can’t believe that I have thought about doing hand written notes like this so many times but always stopped short because I didn’t want people to open them before I die. This is a fantastic way round the problem.”

Nick Effah

“I needed help and wrote to the help desk who were really quick to support me. Seemed like really friendly people who actually care. Thank you.”

Margaret Davis

“Peace of mind for such a small price – this app is brilliant.”

Stephen Barrow

“I found the end to end experience really user friendly. I’m not great with technology but this app is so intuitive it’s great.”

Polina McEnroe

“How can you say no to this app! It’s an amazing bargain - I’d have paid a lot more.”