Frequently Asked Questions

What is myfarewellnote?

Myfarewellnote is a unique kind of gift, where you can choose a recipient to receive messages, photos, videos and audio links for when you pass away. It offers a secure and cost effective platform to share your messages, videos, links and images with your loved ones forever. It's a wonderful opportunity to provide comfort to help those you love, through what is an extremely distressing and upsetting time.

How does this differ to a Will?

A will is a legal document that sets out your wishes regarding the distribution of your property and the care of any minors. myfarewellnote is a service that provides you the opportunity to leave personal messages, photos, videos and audio clips to friends and loved ones.

Why should I use the myfarewellnote service?

Myfarewellnote provides you with an opportunity to ensure that in the event of your death, your loved ones who you leave behind can hear what so many times is left unsaid. In an uncertain world at least you can be assured your messages, photos, videos and audio clips can be shared and enjoyed once you're gone.

Why pay for this service, what stops me just leaving a hand written note?

Myfarewellnote is a secure web based services that gives you peace of mind and reassurance and reduces the risk of your messages being lost and not being delivered at the appropriate time. It's true to say that you could leave a paper note but how can you prevent that note from being read before you pass away? Myfarewellnote offers this protection.

Is this a Cloud based service and if so, what does this mean to me?

Myfarewellnote is Cloud based in the sense that it can be accessed anywhere, on demand over the Internet. This means that you can access your myfarewellnote account from anywhere in the world using most Internet enabled devices.

Why do I have to pay more for having photos and videos?

The price of the different packages is based on the size of data that has to be securely stored.

How do I upload an audio file?

  • Choose the Voice Memo App (or equivalent application) on your device
  • Record and save your message on the device
  • Email the saved message file to yourself
  • Open up your email account on a laptop/desktop
  • Download and save the audio file on the laptop/desktop - this is likely to save as a .m4a file
  • Convert and save the file as a .m4v
  • Open up your account on myfarewellnote
  • Choose the recipient you wish to upload the file to (Premium option only)
  • Select the video/audio upload button
  • Select the saved .m4v file and upload to the recipient

Does this replace my Will?

No, myfarewellnote has no legal standing and you should ensure that your specific wishes with regards to your estate are handled through creating a Will and seeking professional legal advice

How is myfarewellnote different from Facebook or other sites that allow me to save stories and photos?

Myfarewellnote has a unique focus on long-term preservation of personal messages, including life milestones , photos and your written feelings. We don't offer instant status updates or networks of friends. Instead, we have a hardened dedicated server for hosting your treasured messages, which are sent to your loved ones in the event of your death.

Is my data secure?

All your information is secure in more than one sense: it is protected from data loss due to frequent back-ups and it is protected from unauthorized access by a range of security features. (For further details see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy)

How do I know that nobody will be able to access my notes before I die?

At the time any recipient requests to release the messages you have left them, we will send you an email advising you of this. If we do not hear anything from you within 21 days of the request, the messages will be released to those recipients.

How do I know that the information I add to the application is secure?

We are committed to protecting your privacy and complying with the Data Protection and Privacy Laws (see section 13 in the Terms and Conditions)

Why is there a fee payable each year?

The annual fee covers the ongoing use of the application and ensures that the messages you have created are stored securely.

When I upload a video why do I get the error message "A problem occured with this webpage, so it was reloaded"?

This usually means that your device has run out of memory when trying to process the video upload. You may need to close any other programs that are running and try again.

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Myfarewellnote is a web application that allows you to prepare personal messages for your loved ones that will only be read once you have passed away.