Thread created by Chris H Sunday 12th of August 2018 22:17:28
We already have the support of many famous people following us on Twitter and we can now reveal that over the past month, an extremely well known Music Artist has been in contact with us with regards to creating a myfarewellnote video message for their partner.
Not only are we honoured that this person has liaised with us and chosen ourselves to create a message with, but this video message is actually going to be of a song that they have personally written, sung and produced for their partner to receive.
I would love to say who this person is, but for obvious reasons, we cannot share this information with you, but they have given us permission to reveal this as a suggestion for other people to create video messages of this type for their loved ones.
So if you are a talented Musician or Song Writer, then why not create a special song for your loved one to receive???
?Thursday 16th of August 2018 21:33:26
Just wanted to say massive thanks to all the team at and in particularly Mike who I have been in contact with in regards to setting up a myfarewellnote for my partner. I have written, sung and released many songs over the years but being able to do this knowing that only my partner will receive it and at a time when I would want them to receive it, really has given me peace of mind.
Because of the nature of what I am doing and because of who I am and not wanting the media to find out, the most important thing for me was that I could do this in a discreet and secure way and having spoken to Mike and others members of the myfarewellnote team, I am fully satisfied that this will be the case and I really cannot thank them enough for their help and overall great customer service.
KarenThursday 30th of August 2018 12:44:22
This is such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. I am sure being famous and in the limelight has lots of benefits to a relationship but privacy certainly won't be one of them. Being able to do this sort of thing and knowing it will be a totally private thing for only your partner to access must be a huge weight off your mind.
My curiosity always gets the better of me and I would love to know which music artist has done this, but I completely understand why you can't reveal who it is. Maybe more famous people will look to myfarewellnote and do a similar thing?
DCTuesday 16th of October 2018 09:22:02
Great to see myfarewellnote sticking to their promise of privacy, unlike some web sites and services highlighting a celeb is using their service, it's a big ' Put off'. We are only human, its nice to be treated like everyone else for a change, Thank you.
Mandy Wilson StockportWednesday 17th of October 2018 18:04:43
I wonder if the ' DC' is David Coulthard? Can you tell us or Not? Can't think of any other celebrities with that initial. He's a nice guy????
Chris HWednesday 17th of October 2018 22:03:26
Mandy Wilson - I could not possibly reveal the identity of this person but lets just say, I am not sure David Coultard is famous for his singing lol


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