Thread created by Chris H Friday 1st of June 2018 21:46:14
The team at myfarewellnote are incredibly proud to announce its partnership with ANNA KENNEDY ONLINE.

Anna Kennedy Online was formed in 2009 and is dedicated to promoting the inclusion and equality of children and adults with an autism spectrum condition throughout society. The charity promotes its mission of disability equality by developing and sponsoring training, by raising awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities and also by its advocacy efforts with and on behalf of people with an autism spectrum condition.

It is precisely this family focus that ties the ethos of Anna Kennedy Online so closely with that of myfarewellnote.

Now users of myfarewellnote can opt to donate 50% of their subscription fee directly to the charitable cause of Anna Kennedy Online.

When you, your family or friends sign up to the service, enter the promo code “AKO2018” to opt in to donate. There is no limit to the amount of funds that can be raised, so the more you spread the word the more you help the charity to do continue the amazing work that they do.

Lean more about Anna Kennedy Online by visiting their website
Chris HSunday 24th of June 2018 23:13:55
Please also take a look at
The Autism Hero Awards has been created by the Anna Kennedy Online Charity as an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the excellence taking place in the world of Autism. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate and showcase accomplishments as well as enhancing Autism awareness and acceptance.

Myfarewellnote will be attendance for this special award show and we are proud to say that we are also sponsoring the The Lifetime Award
Holly Thursday 30th of August 2018 12:50:25
I have the upmost respect for the work that Anna Kennedy does in raising awareness for Autism and all the help and inspiration that she gives to others. It is a lovely thing that you have done by linking up with her charity and giving people the option of being able to donate towards it whilst using myfarewellnote
Karen MaddenSunday 23rd of September 2018 15:00:32
Just sending you my apologies. I wrote to thinking it was a tin pot outfit and I wouldn't get a reply. How surprised was I . Mike not only directed me through the signing up process, he also directed me onto the Anna Kennedy web site (my daughter has autism). There are so many connections on social media nowadays giving support and information to parents and carers. It's good to see that there are web sites like Anna Kennedy online and NAS that continues to make people aware, raise funds, and help. God bless you all, Karen and Millie xx
Sammy and JoeSunday 23rd of September 2018 15:52:22
Thank your people for bringing Anna Kennedy to our attention. Great ambassador for us parents.
Roberta KrayWednesday 17th of October 2018 18:10:56
Since seeing this on myfarewellnote, I've looked at the work Anna Kennedy has done for Autism. I have to say, I have never heard of her till now. What a champion she is, love what she does. She has either got a team of people round her, or she should be the next super hero in the Marvel series. Thank you Mike for the help and support.


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