Thread created by Chris H Tuesday 13th of February 2018 13:17:30
Make sure you pencil in to watch My Wonderful Life, Sky One Thursday 9pm. You can read an article about it here and it just goes to show how beneficial our service can be to so many people out there
B ToddTuesday 13th of February 2018 13:29:22
Thanks for the tip off(saw your tweet!). Cannot wait to see this series and think it will be extremely heart breaking viewing but also inspirational to many people who are going through similar experiences. I have never even thought about doing this sort of thing and didn't realise just how common it seems to be with people. Great article too so thanks a lot myfarewell note. B.Todd
Sara CarmichaelTuesday 13th of February 2018 17:11:01
This will certainly be a roller coaster of emotions to watch and I felt emotional just reading that article and watching the preview clips. Think it will open people's eyes and hopefully help people cope with death and grief a bit easier which can only be a good thing for everyone
C. EatonWednesday 14th of February 2018 07:01:13
This is going to be a real tear jerker but as you say, is exactly the reason you set up your service. I know that not everyone will want to do things like this but I for one think its an amazing idea. I've lost loved ones to cancer and I would have treasured messages like this if your service had bene around a few years ago.
Louise BrownlowSaturday 17th of February 2018 07:36:20
That first episode was powerful stuff and I cannot wait to see the next one now. Met up with other Mums the following day and we were all talking about My Wonderful Life and comparing how emotional it all made us but in a warm inspiring way, then I told I them about how I had found you guys on twitter so I am sure they will be checking you out.
Thought what Ian(RIP) arranged for his family members was truly delightful and loved how open and honest he was with his personal words to them where he reassured how important people were to him and was even apologetic. My Mum friends and I all agreed that this sort of programme can only be a positive thing so well done to everyone involved in creating it
Michelle Monday 19th of February 2018 14:26:33
That latest comment from Louise made me laugh because after dropping my kids off at school the next morning, myself along with several other Mums stood around talking about My Wonderful Life too. Everyone was in agreement as to it being a wonderful show and we are all looking forward to the next episode.
Not sure doing this sort of thing will be for everyone simply because some people don't like to think about death, but I totally see the benefits of creating a lasting memory like this for my family.
Full marks to whoever thought up the idea of producing My Wonderful Life and good luck with Myfarewellnote
David and AngelaMonday 19th of February 2018 19:50:57
My Wife and I sat and watched this together and thought it was simply amazing viewing and such a unique concept and a wonderful idea. Grief is a hard thing for many people to handle so if this type of thing and your service for example can help people through it then it can only be a positive thing
Jane E (Newport)Saturday 24th of February 2018 14:24:13
Firstly, My Wonderful Life was even better than I thought it was going to be. Can't believe how much it affected me. Every time I think about it I well up. Secondly, like a few people have already said, it was topic of conversation the following day, for me not at school but at work. You won't believe how many people feel the same about the programme and the idea of leaving messages. Which brings me to my final point - as part of the conversation at work, one of the women mentioned your service as I'd never heard of it. She said that there was a thread about the programme and with it having touched me as much as it did, i felt compelled to take a look at your site and read the comments about the show. I think your idea is a superb one. Can't believe i didn't know about it before but I've just taken a good look around your site and think it's great. Haven't signed up just yet but will be in the very near future. I want to think carefully about what my message will be.
J.J.Monday 26th of February 2018 09:46:31
Watched both episodes of this delightful series and now looking forward to seeing episode 3. I think the whole concept of the show is pure genius and have to credit the people who were behind creating this as it is so unique and nothing like we have seen before. There will always be people saying this sort of thing is morbid but from what I have read and from everyone I have spoken to about the show, all the responses to it seem extremely positive which is how it should be. Love the idea that you have set up with myfarewellnote and wish you the best of luck. Seeing your website and this show, really does make you think
Karen CaldwellMonday 26th of February 2018 10:54:00
Absolutely loved what Linda arranged for her family and friends in the 2nd episode and has certainly made me think about what I would love to arrange for my family and friends if I knew I was going to pass away.
The 80's nightclub throw back is something that I can so associate with and would love for my friends and I to do that again. The messages that Linda left for her family had me in tears but what a lovely thing for them to have to cherish and knowing that they can see and listen to Linda's kind words whenever they wish to. Wonderful show and can really see the similarities in what your website offers people and I have already created a free written message for my Sister to see how it all works and it really is so easy to do. Thanks so much Karen
Kayla SinghWednesday 28th of February 2018 11:52:19
Love this program, its a real eye opener for what problems people have in their own lives. You always think its only you, and watching this program shows you that there is hope out there. A friend of mine tried taking his own life, so I told him about the story of just two of ten people who threw themselves off the golden gate bridge and survived. Long story short, when their hands left the railings, they realised it was the worst mistake they had ever made, and everything is fixable. Very interesting story, you have to read it. All the best to the team at, great idea, Kaylan - Birmingham England.


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