Thread created by Colin Steadman Wednesday 24th of January 2018 19:30:39
I was listening to one of your radio interviews on youtube earlier and it was interesting to hear the story behind myfarewellnote and Steve making reference to his time in the Army as being a reason behind you creating this.
Having served in the British Army myself, I completely see where Steve is coming from with this and think it is something that all the Armed Forces should encourage their members to use. Perhaps you could offer some sort of discount to current members of the Armed Forces?
Chris HThursday 25th of January 2018 19:30:17
I am sure that we could offer a discount to members of the Armed Forces and this would be an an honour for us to do. We do offer a free service but totally understand that the paying service is extra special as I think a personal video message is the ultimate gift to have and cherish. Thank you for your post on here and thanks for supporting myfarewellnote
Jamie Smith R.E.M.EFriday 26th of January 2018 10:08:34
Totally agree. Serving at the moment, and I have been to Afghanistan twice, both times I've been under fire and involved in situations I could never have seen myself dealing with as a young soldier. I wish I could have signed up before I left, but didn't know it was available. Why didn't the forces take this on for all those that have been killed would now have left a legacy to their loved ones. Sign up today. Its not just for armed forces, its for everyone from all walks of life, dangerous sports, and jobs. Its a no brainer. ????
Graham AingeTuesday 30th of January 2018 08:20:32
I understand the team at myfarewellnote has approached SSAFA, and asked them to get involved and raise funds for thier charity. I have a connection with SSAFA, I will be pleased to pass on any info to them, I've wrote an email to MFN direct on to confirm this. Great idea, I'm sure they will take this on, as should all serving soldiers and emergency services workers. Can't believe no one has thought of this before, regards, Graham.
Davina MoriartySaturday 3rd of February 2018 14:28:18
Hi there. What a great idea. Of all the apps that are on the market, this is by far the best. My other half is in the Navy, he has 6 years to go and he is out, looking forward to being in civy street after all this time. I signed up, but it kept rejecting me, then I realised it wasn't the app, it was me not checking everything I had wrote. Done, and now I'm getting my family to have a look too, and Andrew my other half, thanks again for your service, I spoke with Mike who was kind enough to guide me through. Davina, Dorset UK.
Mike at the myfarewellnote TeamSaturday 3rd of February 2018 17:36:19
Hi Graham - sincere thanks for the introduction into the SSAFA. We've not heard anything back so if you or anybody else can continue with leads and introductions into any contacts in the armed forces then please do. Sincere thanks. Mike
MattySaturday 10th of February 2018 10:11:52
I am serving in the British Army and currently don't have a partner or any children, just my Mum and a younger sister. My Dad has never been a part of my life so I have been the Man of the family and have always put on a hard face and never really shown my true emotions to them. I even find it hard to tell them how much I love them and how much I actually miss them when I am away. I have signed up to this and have created messages for them both, because through this, I am able to put my true feelings across to them and talking into the camera on my phone is easier for me to do than telling them face to face but at least if something did happen to me, they would finally see the true me.
Taken me 2 weeks to finally write this on here and writing this has been hard for me but I would imagine there are many others like me out there who have similar issues so I like to think it might help others to do a similar thing for their friends and family
Chris HMonday 19th of February 2018 16:11:27
Matty - Thanks for your comment and your openness about how you hide your true emotions. Think this is the case for many person out there and I am sure your comment will inspire them to think about doing something like this
Carl WilkinsMonday 19th of February 2018 20:04:18
The fact that your creator has served in the British Army and has used his personal experiences to come up with this idea is the perfect reason for any member of the Armed Forces to look into doing this for their family or friends. I totally aee where he is coming from and funnily enough this idea is something that has crossed my mind before, you have just got there before me!
Also love the fact that you are wanting to help donate to charities connected to the Armed Forces which I totally applaud you for and don't see why any charity isn't snapping your fingers off to do this with you. All the best and you have my support. Carl
Steve OFriday 2nd of March 2018 21:00:53
Reading that post from Matty on here hit a nerve with me and had me wake up and realise what a great shout this is. Not in the Armed Forces myself, (long distance lorry driver as it goes lol) but I can be quite reserved with expressing my true feelings to my Fiance and 2 boys as I like to be the big man so I know how you feel Matty.
My Great Granddad was actually in the Army and suppose to have been a bit of a boy in his day! My Dad was passed down a diary and notes that he had written during his time serving our country. The diary was actually hidden away and only found years after he died but some of what he wrote was mind blowing stuff where he revealed how scared he actually felt through out his time and messages for my GreatGrandmother(which were quite soppy lol). Point is even back then, doing this sort of thing was clearly helpful to soldiers
Massive respect to everyone in the Armed Forces, you are top people!!!
DeanoFriday 13th of April 2018 15:19:06
My Dad was away and served in the Falklands War in 1982 and being only 13 at the time, I remember how much I use to worry and miss not seeing and hearing from him and use to watch the news with my Mum just hoping to catch a glimpse of him on there. It use to make me think further as I wondered if seeing him on a news report could end up being the last time that I would ever see him. So yes I can see the positives in the service that you provide for anyone who is serving in the Armed Forces as I know only too well, how much I would have appreciated as video message of my Dad had the worst case scenario happened to him. Thankfully it didn't but you just never know what is going to happen when it comes to life and death


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